Painting the Mists 18 – Planesfall up for Preorder!

I’m happy to announce that Painting the Mists 18 – Planesfall is available for Preorder on Amazon! It comes out on September 19th, but if you’re impatient, you can always sign up as a patron for early access. The audiobook should be up in about 2 months or so – it’s difficult to tell since I’m not in charge of Podium’s schedule.

In other news, Painting the Mists 19 – Draft 1 (working title is Graveyard of the Gods, but looking for something more flashy) is about 50% complete. The plan is to have Draft 2 done and start posting on Patreon in November. I’m eschewing the third draft in favor of a patch-up after beta reading, since I feel my writing quality has improved enough to pull it off.

That’s it for news, and I look forward to making a release anouncement in about a week.

Happy waiting!

Patrick Laplante (RedMirage)

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