This is Patrick G. Laplante, an ex-engineer turned writer. It’s my honor and pleasure to be writing in a budding new genre: Cultivation Fantasy.As an avid reader, it’s nice to finally put my spin on tales filled with martial arts, Daoist magics, and a cultivator’s journey to achieve mortality.

Cultivation fantasy is traditionally an Asian genre, so my writing is rich with Asian cultural elements and mythology.Though I come from a technical background, I like to emphasize emotions and personal development. Life is a journey, and by reading, we get to walk much farther than we otherwise could. I hope you feel the same way.

Cha Ming owes Wang Jun a heavy favor. To fulfill it, he journeys south to the Shattered Lands....

Danger is coming, and Cha Ming must do his utmost to strengthen himself for the upcoming conflict...


Secret Project (Draft 1)


Secret Project (Plotting)


Edge of Oblivion - PtM 9 (Beta Reading)


Edge of Oblivion - PtM 9 (Draft 2)


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