I’m Patrick Laplante, and I write cultivation fantasy. In cultivation stories, the main character powers up and trains all the time to fight even stronger villains. Think Dragon Ball Z. Or Naruto. Or any RPG game.
I wasn’t always a writer. I started off my adult life as a humble engineer. It took me seven years of working for a soul-sucking corporation to realize that my true love was writing all along (please don’t tell my wife and child). I like games. Board games. Role-playing games. Computer games. You name it. I like strategy games like Chess and Go as well. I used to do martial arts, but then I got injured too often, so I don’t do too much of that anymore.
There is nothing on this earth more satisfying than reading a good book. You know the kind I’m talking about – it takes your heart and smashes it to pieces, then builds you a new heart. A better heart. That’s the kind of book I look for as a reader. It’s also the kind of book I try to deliver as a writer.