New Fiction: Pandora Unchained

I’m happy to announce that my new fiction, Pandora Unchained, is officially out on RoyalRoad!

The Olympian gods are dead and the Seven Evils reign. Only Hope stands between humanity and extinction.

Sorin Kepler was once a genius. But all that changed when his parents died, and the resulting power struggle left him crippled and isolated. Starved for truth and thirsty for revenge, Sorin begs the Eighth Evil, Hope, for assistance. His prayers are answered, but only in the way that he least expects.

Poison cultivators are shunned by high society. When the Medical Association discovers Sorin’s newfound talent and shuts down his medical practice, he can only turn to adventuring to make ends meet. His unlikely companions are an armored polar bear, a stern archer, a sleep-deprived pyromancer, and a peeping-tom rogue. Oh, and a rebellious rat familiar who won’t stop eating the party’s loot when no one is watching.

The demon tide is swiftly approaching, so the guild master has Sorin’s back. But when Sorin discovers his ancestor’s hidden research notes, he can’t help but rethink the cause of his parents’ death. In the end, there’s only one to find truth: to re-enter the den of snakes called family politics.  

What to expect:

  • Cultivation-based progression.
  • Demon slaying, dungeons, and loot.
  • A tricky fox god who grants wishes.
  • A rebellious pet rat.
  • Politics, crafting, and so much more!

What not to expect:

  • A harem.
  • A lot of crunchy numbers.
  • The Spanish Inquisition.

Currently posting 2 chapters per day at 9:07 AM CST and 6:07 PM CST from Dec 7th to 20th. Will go down to 1 chapter day Dec 21st to January 3rd, then return to a normal release schedule of 5 chapters per week, M-F.

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