Book 8 of Painting the Mists


Cha Ming has finally healed his core. His trials and tribulations are behind him, and it’s only a matter of time before he transcends his mortal shackles. But he can’t leave the Ling Nan Plane yet; the war between angels and devils is intensifying, and he still owes Wang Jun a heavy favor. To fulfill it, he’ll need to journey south toward the Shattered Lands.
Wang Jun continues to compete with his brother in Gold Leaf City. He’s given up on fairness and will resort to any means necessary to take control of his family. Hong Xin helps him from the sidelines, but as the Red Dust Mistress, she still has much to worry about. Her rogue sisters, it seems, aren’t as despicable as she’d originally imagined.
Meanwhile, a dark presence has risen just west of the Song Kingdom. It devours everything in its path, leaving empty desolation in its wake. Feng Ming and Gong Xuandi fight to buy the plane time, for if left unchecked, the Taotie will inevitably consume it.

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