Book 8 of Painting the Mists


Sabotage is an art. Cha Ming plans to paint a masterpiece…

A war between angels and devils is in full swing, and it’s a war Cha Ming can’t avoid. To deal a preemptive blow, he journeys to the South. His mission? Infiltrate the Wang family. Incriminate it. Then break it.

Back in Gold Leaf City, Wang Jun is in a neck-and-neck competition with his brother. He’s given up on fairness and will use any means necessary to win. Hong Xin and her courtesans are helping him from the shadows, but as head of the Red Dust Pavilion, she has her own worries…

Meanwhile, a dark creature has escaped its ancient prison. It devours everything in its wake. Feng Ming and the old Sea God Emperor fight to buy everyone precious time, because this time, the plane itself is at stake.

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