Book 10 of Painting the Mists


Cha Ming and Huxian are back at the bottom of the food chain. Emperors and immortals would kill for their secrets.

The Inkwell Plane is a magical place. Daoist arts and technology work hand in hand, and transcendents are on friendly terms with demigods and demons. But not all is well.

As a new ascendant, there aren’t many people who are weaker than Cha Ming. He must fight to prove his worth and carve out a place for himself in this dog-eat-dog world. To succeed, he may need to share more secrets than he’s comfortable with.

Huxian and his friends find themselves surrounded by strange new customs and powerful demons. Why toe the line when they can start breaking rules the moment they land? Its too bad demonic society doesn’t take kindly to thieves and scoundrels. They’ll need to adapt if they ever hope to be reunited with Cha Ming.

One man. A pack of rowdy demons. A world that’s falling apart. It’s rotten at its core, and no god, demon, or immortal can save it.

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