Book 7 of Painting the Mists


A fire has been kindled in Cha Ming’s heart. Though his time with Yu Wen was short and blissful, her death has left a deep hole that needs filling. Cha Ming must transcend his mortal shackles if he hopes to find her again in the cycle of reincarnation. To that end, he journeys to Haijing to study alchemy with the world’s finest. Little does he know that the ancient underwater city is a linchpin in the struggle between angels and devils.

Meanwhile, Wang Jun seeks to solidify his influence within his family in Gold Leaf City. Concurrently, Hong
Xin works to pull the remnants of the Red Dust Pavilion up by the roots. The deck is stacked against them, but they have little choice but to play the game. They must never meet, for their union would be a weakness neither one of them can afford.

The tides of war are rising, and no one in the Ling Nan Plane can outrun them.

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