This is Patrick G. Laplante, an ex-engineer turned writer. It’s my honor and pleasure to be writing in a budding new genre: Cultivation Fantasy.As an avid reader, it’s nice to finally put my spin on tales filled with martial arts, Daoist magics, and a cultivator’s journey to achieve mortality.

Cultivation fantasy is traditionally an Asian genre, so my writing is rich with Asian cultural elements and mythology.Though I come from a technical background, I like to emphasize emotions and personal development. Life is a journey, and by reading, we get to walk much farther than we otherwise could. I hope you feel the same way.

Cha Ming owes Wang Jun a heavy favor. To fulfill it, he journeys south to the Shattered Lands....

A shadow has fallen on the Song Kingdom. Its ancient luster has dulled...


Secret Project (Draft 1)


Secret Project (Plotting)


Edge of Oblivion - PtM 9 (Editing)


Edge of Oblivion - PtM 9 (Draft 3)


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